Pensions publications

A list of some of our recent pensions publications.

In May 2016 we published CP16/15: Capping early exit pension charges.

This was to outline our approach to capping early exit charge for consumer accessing the pension freedoms.

In April 2016 we published CP16/12: Secondary annuity markets - proposed rules and guidance.

This was to set out our proposed rules we intend to apply to the new regulated activities. Our rules are designed to help provide appropriate consumer protection while promoting effective competition in the interests of the consumer.

More pensions and retirement income publications

Data Bulletin: Issue 7 (28 October 2016)

Pension reforms – feedback on CP15/30 and final rules and guidance (PS16/12: 25 April 2016)

Data Bulletin supplement: April 2016 - Retirement Income Market Data (4 April 2016)

Fair treatment of long-standing customers in the life insurance sector (TR16/2: 3 March 2016)

Pension reforms – proposed changes to our rules and guidance (CP15/30: 1 October 2015)

Pension freedoms data and analysis (16 September 2015)

Pension reforms and insistent clients (8 June 2015)

Pension transfer rules (PS15/12: 8 June 2015)

Retirement income market study (MS14/3: 26 March 2015)

Charges in workplace personal pension schemes (PS15/5: 2 March 2015)

Disclosure of transaction costs (DP15/2: 2 March 2015)

Retirement risk warnings (PS15/4: 27 February 2015)

Independent governance committees (PS15/3: 4 February 2015)

Annuities sales practices (TR14/20: 11 December 2014)

Enhanced transfer value pension transfers (21 July 2014)

Pension Wise

Recommendation policy (PS 15/17: 3 July 2015)

Standards and monitoring (PS14/17: 27 November 2014)


Review of SIPP operators (21 July 2014)

Capital framework (28 April 2014)

Transfers into unregulated products (28 April 2014)