Notify a change in qualifying holdings

This page is only for regulated payment institutions (PIs) which have not been re-authorised or re-registered under PSD2. If your firm is re-authorised or re-registered under PSD2, find out how to apply for a change in control for PIs.

Register any change in qualifying holdings of your authorised or small payment institution with the FCA

A qualifying holding is a person or firm with a direct or indirect holding that either:

  • represents 10% or more of the capital or voting rights, or
  • which makes it possible to exercise a significant influence over the management of that undertaking

A change in qualifying holding happens when a person or firm:

  • acquires a qualifying holding
  • reduces their holding so that they no longer have a qualifying holding

Tell us about the change

You must notify us if there’s a change in a qualifying holding. Complete the relevant form according to who’s involved.

Fill in a:

How you notify us

Acquiring a qualifying holding

Send a completed form by email to [email protected]

or post to:

Change in Control Team
Authorisations Division
Financial Conduct Authority
12 Endeavour Square 
London E20 1JN

Reducing a qualifying holding

There are no notification forms to complete. Email us at [email protected] stating the name of the controller, and the person’s level of control before and after the change in qualifying holding.

When to notify us

You should notify us 28 days before a change in qualifying holdings takes place.

If you need to notify us in fewer than 28 days, contact us.


If you don’t notify us 28 days before a change in qualifying holdings takes place, you can be fined.

Further information

Read Chapter 4 of Payment Services and Electronic Money – Our Approach.