Notify a change in qualifying holdings

Register any change in qualifying holdings of your authorised or small payment institution with the FCA.

A qualifying holding is a person or firm with a direct or indirect holding that either:

  • represents 10% or more of the capital or voting rights, or
  • which makes it possible to exercise a significant influence over the management of that undertaking

A change in qualifying holding happens when a person or firm:

  • acquires a qualifying holding
  • reduces their holding so that they no longer have a qualifying holding

Tell us about the change

You must notify us if there’s a change in a qualifying holding. Complete the relevant form according to who’s involved.

Fill in a:

How you notify us

Acquiring a qualifying holding

Send a completed form by post to:

Change in Control Team
Permissions Department, Authorisations Division
Financial Conduct Authority
25 The North Colonnade
London E14 5HS

Reducing a qualifying holding

Email us at [email protected] and make clear the date this change will take place.

When to notify us

You should notify us 28 days before a change in qualifying holdings takes place.

If you need to notify us in fewer than 28 days, contact us.


If you don’t notify us 28 days before a change in qualifying holdings takes place, you can be fined.

Further information

Read Chapter 4 of Payment Services and Electronic Money – Our Approach.