We have a unique convening power to shape the direction of innovation, both in technology and where wider issues persist in the market. A key element of our innovation toolkit that has enabled us to achieve this, and which has attracted international interest is the TechSprint.

TechSprints are typically 2 day events that bring together participants from across and outside of financial services to develop technology based ideas or proof of concepts to address specific industry challenges. These events help us to shine a light on issues and expand the discussion and awareness of potential solutions.

Evolution of TechSprints

Read: ‘Fostering innovation through collaboration: the evolution of the FCA TechSprint approach’ research paper

On 3 March 2020, we published this research exploring the lessons we have learned from hosting 7 TechSprints across a range of subjects. As part of our commitment continuing to foster innovative and collaborative global financial markets, we want to share our experience and support other organisations in their efforts to address key industry problems.

There is significant interest in our approach to TechSprints and we are often asked to advise on specific elements of our approach.

The report covers all aspects of our approach, including:

  • The types of problems a TechSprint can help to solve.
  • Key elements of hosting a TechSprint – from participants, team structures and event planning to technology, data and communications.
  • Ongoing challenges – our efforts to progress the solutions that emerge from a TechSprint from Proof of Concept to Proof of Value.

Video: TechSprint review (3 minutes 38 seconds)

TechSprint participants discuss the benefits of this approach and why collaboration is an essential part of innovation.

Previous TechSprints

Since 2016, we’ve hosted the following TechSprints. Read about our previous events:

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