We have recognised that there is an opportunity to bring market participants together to work collaboratively on shared challenges to assess and solve important issues in financial services. 

TechSprints are typically two day events that bring together participants from across and outside of financial services to develop technology based ideas or proof of concepts to address specific industry challenges. These events help us to shine a light on issues and expand the discussion and awareness of potential solutions.

Video: TechSprint review

In this video, participants from across the first two TechSprints discuss the benefits of this approach and why collaboration is an essential part of innovation.

We will continue to use TechSprints as one of our regulatory tools to explore solutions to other challenges and act as a catalyst for change that helps to unlock the potential benefits of technology innovation.

Previous TechSprints

Since 2016 we’ve hosted six TechSprints to help find solutions to important financial services issues. Read about our previous TechSprints:

Event 1: Consumer Access TechSprint

Event 2: Unlocking regulatory reporting TechSprint

Event 3: Financial services and mental health TechSprint

Event 4: Model driven machine executable regulatory reporting TechSprint

Event 5: AML & Financial Crime International TechSprint

Event 6: Pensions TechSprint

Event 7: 2019 Global AML & Financial Crime TechSprint

Find out more about future TechSprints.