Financial Resilience Survey

If you're a solo-regulated firm, you might need to complete this short survey to help give us an accurate view of firms’ financial resilience.

We're asking a number of firms to complete this survey to help us understand how the current financial climate is impacting FCA solo-regulated firms.

If your firm needs to take this survey, we will email you in one of two groups.

We'll email the survey to firms in:

  • Tranche 1 between 9 and 13 October 2023
  • Tranche 2 between 16 and 20 October 2023

Firms in the Temporary Permissions Regime and Supervisory Run-off Regime can expect to receive this same survey, based on the same timeline above.

If we send you this survey, it is mandatory to complete it.

If you've taken our Financial Resilience Survey before

This latest survey follows on from our Covid-19 Impact Survey, which we first sent firms in 2020 and have repeated five times since:

Phase Date(s) of launch
  Covid-19 Impact Survey
1 June to August 2020
2 September to November 2020
3 January to February 2021
4 April to May 2021
5 August 2021
6 January to February 2022
  FCA Financial Resilience Survey 
7 June 2022
8        October 2022
9 February 2023
10   June 2023

In June 2022 we issued a seventh survey, retitling this data collection to 'FCA Financial Resilience Survey'. This was to more accurately reflect its purpose of giving us baseline financial resilience information for our firms.

Update 28 July 2023

We are replacing the FCA Financial Resilience Survey with a new financial resilience regulatory return. This will be referred to as ‘FIN073 – Baseline Financial Resilience Report’.  Read our Policy Statement, to understand the feedback to CP22/19 and final rules, 

Firms that will be brought into scope of FIN073 will need to be prepared to submit the return when it is due, from January 2024. Firms will receive an automated reminder via RegData when the return is available for submission.  

We still require firms to complete the financial resilience survey when requested to do so by us until the new return comes into force. 

We also consulted simultaneously on changing the scope of FIN073 to include full permission consumer credit firms. We have now published our final position in relation to the scope and the inclusion of full permission consumer credit firms. 

Further guidance

We will use the data that you provide, alongside existing data, to support our ongoing work. We expect to repeat this survey in the future. 

We know firms will be concerned about phishing emails and scams. When you receive the survey, please check it is from either [email protected] or an email address. 

If you have any questions, please email us.

Find out how fraudsters claim to be from the FCA and other organisations, and what you can do to spot and avoid these scams. 

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