Reporting sanctions evasions

If you have information about sanctions evasion or weaknesses in sanction controls we want you to report it to us.

We want to hear about sanctions evasion issues where they relate to firms on The Financial Services Register or our other registers, or companies with UK listed securities.

Ways to report sanctions evasions to us

  • If you want to report concerns about your current or previous employer, or if you want to speak to us confidentially, you can speak to our Whistleblowing team to make sure your report is handled correctly. 
  • If you're an authorised firm reporting issues at your own firm and do not require anonymity please review Sup 15 for details on how to report.
  • If you're a firm or professional with information about potential or actual sanctions evasion by another firm or individual, please fill out our report wrongdoing or misconduct form.

Important information

  • If you share information with us, you must still fulfil any statutory legal requirements (eg under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 or the Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Act 2018)
  • If your information comes from a sector where there's another regulator (eg ACCA, HMRC etc), or you're a member of a professional body and have information about money laundering or terrorist financing, then you should contact your relevant supervisor or professional body supervisor in addition to sharing with the FCA.
  • If you're a consumer or authorised firm and you have a general question about your activities, find out how to contact us.
  • If your concerns relate to the supervisory conduct of a professional body supervisor, please review the contact options on our OPBAS pages.

Find out how to contact us if you’re an auditor or mutual firm.

What to tell us about

We want to hear about any sanctions evasion issues or weaknesses in sanctions controls where they relate to any firm or person listed on our registers or to a UK listed security.

This could be information about:

  • Any suggestion that firms have poor sanctions controls.
  • Suspected breaches of the sanctions regime.
  • Actual breaches on the sanctions regime.
  • Any method you believe is used by firms or individuals to breach the sanctions regime.

How to report another firm or individual

Use this form to provide information and attach any documents that will help us when reviewing your report.

You don’t have to give us your contact information. However, if you give us your email address, you will receive a reference number for your report. You can use this reference number to contact us if you have more information to provide. If we have your details, we may contact you to discuss your report.

This form is for industry practitioners to report about firms. Our Contact page has information for consumers and whistleblowers.

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To find out more about how and why we use personal information and who to contact if you have any queries, please see our privacy notice.

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What happens next

We will review your report to see if our teams need to take any further action. Please note that we operate confidentially, so we won’t be able to share any action we take on your report

We know that not revealing what action we may have taken can be frustrating. However, we do carefully consider any information you give us, and we value it. 

Even if the information you give us doesn’t result in us taking formal action against a firm or individual, it may help us build up a picture of conduct risk or inform how we develop policy and work with partners to assist the UK enforcement of sanctions.

Find out more about the information we can share.

Privacy notice

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