Cancel payment institution registration or authorisation

How a payment institution can cancel its registration or authorisation, remove some payment services, and what you must do before you apply.

Apply to cancel your registration or authorisation

If your firm stops providing payment services, you must apply to have your registration or authorisation cancelled.

To cancel your authorisation or registration, you should complete the application form on our online system Connect.

Apply to remove only some of your payment services

Complete the variation of permission for PSD authorisation or registration if:

  • you want to remove only some of your payment services

Before you apply

Before applying to cancel, you must:

  • have stopped providing payment services, or
  • plan to stop providing payment services within 6 months

You should have:

  • paid any outstanding Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) or Financial Ombudsman Service fees
  • filed any due regulatory returns, for example your annual returns to the FCA, and
  • resolved any complaints

Once we’re satisfied you’ve met these conditions, we’ll remove your payment institution from the Register as quickly as possible.


There are no fees to cancel a registration or authorisation.

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