Supervision of authorised funds

We supervise all UK authorised funds through robust monitoring and judgment-based oversight to deliver high levels of investor protection and maintain a competitive market environment.

We monitor authorised funds to ensure they are being managed and overseen in the investors’ best interest, as well as checking compliance with the relevant rules in the

NURS and QIS funds are also subject to additional requirements under the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD).

What you should consider

Authorised fund managers, depositories and trustees should be considering:

  • Is the fund being managed in line with the stated investment objectives?
  • Is there the appropriate transparency and disclosure to investors?
  • Are the investors’ interests being best served throughout the fund’s life-cycle?
  • Are conflicts of interest being managed and decisions being made to produce the best possible outcome for investors?

What we will consider

We aim to identify risks early so investors are better protected and market integrity maintained, ensuring the UK remains an attractive fund market.

Our supervision work is informed by data analysis, which is helping us build a clearer picture of the UK authorised fund population. As a result we can target our supervision work on funds exhibiting heightened conduct risk characteristics.

By focusing on funds, we will cover firms of all sizes. Our aim is to identify issues early to minimise detriment.

See the findings from our reviews of derivative reporting and disclosure, and valuation and liquidity oversight.