Marketing authorised funds in the EEA

Find out what a manager of a UK UCITS has to do to market units in another member state.

To market UK UCITS units in another member state you must, in accordance with Article 93 of Directive 2009/65/EC, submit to us a fully completed notification letter (DOC, 56KB, 4 pages) and the latest scheme documentation.

All notifications must be emailed to [email protected]Emails may contain multiple documents but do not compress documents unless the total size of the email, including documents, exceeds 10MB.

Compressed documents must be in a .zip format (Legacy Zip 2.0) and are also subject to the 10MB limit, so you may need to send multiple emails. If sending multiple emails you should mark it ‘email x of x’ in the subject.

What to include with a notification

The following documents must be submitted to us alongside the notification letter (DOC, 56KB, 4 pages):

  • the latest version of the instrument constituting the scheme
  • the latest version of the prospectus
  • where they exist, the latest annual report and any subsequent half yearly report
  • the key investor information document(s)

The documents should be translated where necessary, in accordance with Article 94(1) of Directive 2009/65/EC.

The relevant competent authority of the host member state in which you want to market units may require additional information to be sent to them as part of the notification. Please ensure you know what these requirements are before submitting your notification to us and that you have included the right information in the notification.

For example, some host state competent authorities need details of the paying agent, some need to see the facilities agent agreements and some require tax information to be included in the prospectus.

Where applicable you should also confirm on the notification letter that you have paid the fee to the relevant competent authority of the host member state. You do not need to pay us a fee to make this notification.

When we receive the complete notification, in accordance with article 93(3) of Directive 2009/65/EC, we will send it within 10 business days to the relevant competent authorities of the member states in which the UCITS proposes to market its units.