UK AIFM application process

Find out how to make a UK AIFM application.

Prepare your application

You will need to submit electronic versions of all forms and supporting documentation, as well as signed paper copies of all forms requiring a signature.

Complete all sections of each form, using ‘N/A’ where appropriate. Your answers should be clear, concise and accurately reference the relevant parts of any supporting documents.

Send all your forms together as one complete application submission. Within that, each form and its supporting documents should be separated into zip files or a file structure that allows easy identification of the contents.

All file names should begin with your firm's FRN (or firm name for new applications), followed by the form and/or document title. Clear and simple labelling will help us assess your application and reduce delays.

Our mailbox servers will not accept any emails that are larger than 35mb in size. If the email containing your application exceeds this, please split it out and send as multiple emails.

The application process 

Once you have applied for authorisation or a variation of permission, we will decide whether there is enough information to assign you to a case officer.

When your application has been assigned to a case officer, we will contact you to request any additional information or assurance during the application process. We will try to respond promptly to your queries about the progress of your application, but it may not be possible to provide regular communication throughout the application.

Ensure your application is complete

The statutory timeframe for determination will only start once your application is complete. If your application is deemed to be incomplete, we will notify you to ask for the necessary information. It is essential that you submit complete applications, in line with Regulation 5(8) of the AIFM Regulations 2013, in order to avoid delays to the application process. The statutory timeframe for determination will only start once the application is complete.

If your application is complete but it contains missing information (in line with Regulation 9(a) of the AIFM Regulations 2013), you will need to send us that information at least 1 month before the date on which your firm anticipates being authorised (whether this date is the end of the 3-month statutory timeline or a deferred authorisation date that you have chosen).

Submit your application

Please submit your completed application to [email protected].

The subject line of the email should contain your FRN (or firm name for new applications) followed by the type of AIFMD application. For example, for an AIFMD Full-scope VoP with an FRN of 123456, record ‘123456 AIFMD Full-scope VoP’.

Send your data securely

You must send your data encrypted, using either our PGP Key (preferable) or a password-protected WinZip file.

Download our PGP key

You can also provide the data on a CD or USB (password protected – we will request the password on receipt of the application).

If you have any queries regarding the secure submission of your data, please contact us including ‘AIFMD’ in the subject line if you choose to email us.