Monthly PPI refunds and compensation

A total of £334m was paid in January 2019 to customers who complained about the way they were sold payment protection insurance (PPI). This takes the amount paid since January 2011 to £34.2bn.

Claim back money you’ve paid for PPI

We provide monthly figures on refunds and compensation paid to customers who have complained about PPI.

See the graph and table below to find out how much has been paid each month.

As of September 2015, these figures come from 23 firms making up 95% of complaints made about the sale of PPI.


Data table

Monthly PPI payouts

  2019 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011
Jan £334m £415.8m £239.9m £311.8m updated to £377.6m ** £424.5m £389.2m £439.3m £405.4m £36m
​Feb   £361.2m £235.3m £423.9m £361.0m £329.5m £409m £473.1m £36.1m
Mar   £389.6m £246.4m £456.4m £399.1m £349.8m £375.9m £501.6m £32.4m
Apr   £398.3m £205.3m £405.8m £410.1m £410.3m £424m £572m £28.6m
May   £403.4m £260m £266.8m £390.4m £407.4m £422m £735.3m £39.8m
June   £383m £262.5m £262.2m £406.7m £390.3m £498m £614.6m £66.4m
July   £353m £250.5m £244.6m £327.9m £383.2m £528m £512.3m £103.2m
Aug   £342.3m £271.5m £259.8m £300.5m £312.8m £446m £601.4m £244.5m
Sep   £309m £298.8m £247.6m £329.7m £353.8m £444m £516.4m £225.3m
Oct    £326m updated to £329.3m*** £324.8m £223.7m £366m £375.6m updated to £391.1m * £524m £578.2m £321.9m
Nov   £306.7m updated to £309.7m*** £398m £242.1m £393.8m £329.6m updated to £349.0m * £425m £410.8m £464.4m
Dec   £258.9m updated to £261.3m*** £366.9m £213.1m £365.7m £339.1m updated to £408.6m * £324m £360.1m £535.5m

* The PPI redress figures for October, November and December 2014 were updated on 7 April 2015.

** The PPI redress figure for January 2016 was updated on 18 May 2016.

*** The PPI redress figure for October 2018, November 2018 and December 2018 was updated on 18 March 2019.