Data Bulletin: May 2017 - Retail intermediary sector

Our Data Bulletins seek to provide new insight into the different data that we collect and use – from data about the markets we regulate, consumer behaviour and our own operations.

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Why are we publishing this?

The Data Bulletin is our main channel for the publication and analysis of data stories, released around once a quarter.

This issue focuses on the retail intermediary sector and provides a useful insight into the activities of these firms.

The bulletin focuses on new analysis of this sector based on the data firms have submitted to us via the Retail Mediation Activities Return (RMAR). This is the second time that we have published data from the RMAR, which is submitted by approximately 12,000 intermediary firms involved in advising and selling mortgages, insurance policies, and retail investment products.

Following feedback from our October 2016 seventh edition, this update looks at 2016 trends in activities and revenue, and information on advice and charges. We’ll continue to publish this data annually.

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