Developing your career

We're committed to empowering you, with a range of learning opportunities to give you the confidence to excel in your role.

Developing your career

The work we do impacts millions of people and thousands of businesses. We're dedicated to giving colleagues the knowledge, skills and behaviours to deliver in the public interest.

While you're in your role, we offer unique career opportunities – always within an inclusive workplace where our people aspire to perform at their best.

Keep learning with the FCA Academy

Our FCA Academy will support you throughout your career here with a combination of on-the-job development and formal and self-directed learning.

With dedicated training based on your division and tailored to your career aspirations, there's always something available to keep your knowledge and skills up to date.

We also provide full access to LinkedIn Learning – this is a vast and varied catalogue available through one of the world's best learning and personal development platforms.

No two days are the same here. This makes the role really exciting – it means you’re always learning, growing and developing. Engaging with colleagues and developing your internal network is something that is also really encouraged.
Holly, Private Secretary, CEO's Office

Development programmes

While you're in your role, you can join development programmes in different areas of the organisation to build your range of skills and expertise.

We offer these in almost all our divisions, covering a wide range of subjects from regulation to finance, compliance to cyber security, accountancy to data. In partnership with our expert learning providers, we deliver programmes from L3 (A-Levels) to L7 (Masters).

Since 2020 we've enrolled more than 245 colleagues onto these programmes, with suitable opportunities no matter your role or grade.

I chose the Data Analysis programme and ended up with a qualification that is recognised in industry. I was one of a number of FCA colleagues on the course so we could learn together. I was also well supported by management who allowed dedicated study time throughout the course.
Tim, Senior Associate, Regulatory Market Research

Manager programmes

We're keen to identify potential managers and develop them through a dedicated talent accelerator programme.

Once in your role, we provide ongoing support to leaders including leadership programmes, a feedback platform and leadership coaching.

Sponsored study

We understand that to perform at your best you need to keep building your knowledge and skills. While you're working with us, you'll have the opportunity to invest in your development by applying for sponsored study.

Sponsored study is where we either fully or partly fund you to take professional or academic qualifications that are relevant to your role.

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