Advice unit - application form

This form helps us understand your business and proposition, and if we can provide the regulatory feedback you need. The form also helps us determine if your proposal is eligible for the Advice Unit.

If you’re not sure if you meet our eligibility criteria, please email us at [email protected] or call 0800 458 4161.

About your proposition

We need to understand your proposition"s potential to deliver lower cost advice or guidance to unserved/underserved consumers, and how it meets the eligibility criteria.

We need to understand what benefit consumers will derive from your proposition.

We need to understand your automated proposition and the journey the consumer will experience.

We need to understand your current thinking and how far you have developed your proposal.

We need to understand why you want regulatory feedback from us.

When do you think you will be ready to launch your advice idea? Please indicate if you need support with a particular timeframe. Whilst we will make every effort to help with this, we cannot guarantee this will always be the case.
For example, initial idea, in development, currently piloting etc.
Please tell us if this is within the UK, EEA or elsewhere in the world.

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