Executive committees

Find out how our management structure operates to ensure markets work well so that customers get a fair deal.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (ExCo) oversees the general strategy, direction and activities of the FCA, including delivery of the annual Business Plan. It is responsible for monitoring the direction and performance of the organisation within the strategic framework set by the Board.


​Megan Butler – Executive Director, Transformation

Stephanie Cohen – Chief Operating Officer

Sheree Howard – Executive Director, Risk and Compliance Oversight

Sheldon Mills – Executive Director, Consumers and Competition

Sarah Pritchard - Executive Director, Markets

Nikhil Rathi – Chief Executive

Jessica Rusu – Chief Data, Information and Intelligence Officer

David Scott – Interim General Counsel and Executive Director of the General Counsel's Division

Emily Shepperd – Executive Director, Authorisations

Mark Steward – Executive Director, Enforcement and Market Oversight

Executive Regulation and Policy Committee

The Executive Regulation and Policy Committee (ERPC) is responsible for executive decision making on policy decisions and regulatory issues.

Executive Operations Committee

The Executive Operations Committee (EOC) is responsible for monitoring the FCA’s economic and efficient use of resources, internal risk management, people strategy and culture and operating platform and resilience. EOC reports directly to ExCo.

Executive Diversity Committee

The Executive Diversity Committee (EDC) leads the FCA’s internal and external diversity and inclusion agenda in support of making the FCA an employer of choice and a more effective regulator. The EDC’s role includes providing direction and taking decisions on diversity-related matters affecting the FCA and championing diversity within the FCA.