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  1. PPI FAQs - including exceptional circumstances

    PPI Consumers Last modified: 22/08/2020
    Find answers to frequently asked questions about different PPI topics. If you can't find an answer to your question, you can contact us.
  2. Speech: Beyond economics?

    Insight Published: 25/01/2017 Last modified: 28/02/2017
    conduct regulation ‘information asymmetry’, with the challenge of using information in decisions when it is available and with the dynamics of the market. ... animal. I trust my description of the FCA’s work shows we are serious about using the
  3. Video transcript: FCA explains - using CMCs [pdf]

    Transcripts Published: 22/11/2019
    Transcript for FCA explains video: using CMCs
  4. CRD IV: using data

    Banks building societies and credit unions Tasks for regulated firms Published: 17/05/2016 Last modified: 09/06/2016
    Read more about data under CRD IV, including how it will be used by the PRA and FCA.
  5. Accessing and using data in wholesale markets Call for Input

    Statements Published: 09/09/2019 Last modified: 09/09/2019
    The FCA said it would publish a Call for Input (CFI) to explore the access and use of data in wholesale markets. The FCA expects to publish this CFI in Q2 2019/20.
  6. [pdf]

    Published: 02/09/2014 Last modified: 05/09/2014
  7. Using claims management companies

    Know your rights Published: 07/03/2019 Last modified: 06/08/2020
    The FCA is the regulator for CMCs in England, Wales and Scotland. The Financial Ombudsman Service has taken over complaints about CMCs.
  8. Handbook and guidance

    About us How we regulate Published: 21/04/2016 Last modified: 12/08/2020
    Regulated firms must follow our rules. Find out how our Handbook and guidance can help them do that.
  9. Accessing and using wholesale data - Call for Input

    Data Published: 09/03/2020 Last modified: 02/09/2020
    Accessing and using wholesale data - Call for Input
  10. Independent financial advice: using internal specialists

    Statements Published: 25/09/2014 Last modified: 25/09/2014
    Independent financial advice: using internal specialists. Statements First published:. 25/09/2014. Last updated: 25/09/2014. ... Independent financial advice: using internal specialists.