Webinar: using assessment as a tool to understand culture

Watch our fourth Transforming Culture webinar on-demand where we explore how approaches to assessing firm culture can contribute to greater understanding and management of culture in financial services.

Across all industries, firms have been implementing a variety of different approaches to culture assessment. Advances in research and technology have created new opportunities to gain and apply meaningful insights. Webinar host, FCA’s Director of Retail Supervision and Authorisations, Jonathan Davidson, and our panel of experts discuss how these advances in assessment can be used to help understand culture and share practical tips for leaders who are looking to assess their firm’s culture.

After the panel discussion, the panellists answered questions from the auidence. 

This webinar will be useful for financial services leaders and individuals at any level who are interested in understanding and managing culture.



Watch the video of our webinar on using assessment as a tool to understand culture