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  1. FCA performance scorecard - comparison metrics for personal current accounts 2021

    Data Published: 14/01/2021 Last modified: 14/01/2021
    This performance scorecard 2021 highlights some of the information available on personal current accounts, and can help customers choose their provider.
  2. Firms and investment funds that were eligible to notify us to use the TPR

    Firms Focus areas Published: 20/08/2020 Last modified: 31/12/2020
    We explain which types of firms and investment funds were eligible to notify us of their intention to use the temporary permissions regime and temporary marketing permissions regime.
  3. Published coronavirus (Covid-19) guidance for firms

    Firms Published: 12/08/2020 Last modified: 07/04/2021
    We've published various guidance for firms in response to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.
  4. Service standards 2019/20

    Data Published: 24/06/2020 Last modified: 24/06/2020
    The FCA measures its performance using service standards. These are the levels of performance that it aims to meet when carrying out its regulatory functions. This service standards analysis is for 2019/20.
  5. Transcript: PSD2 Navigator explainer [pdf]

    Transcripts Published: 26/05/2020 Last modified: 21/10/2020
    Transcript of short video detailing how to find out how you can benefit from using the PSD2 Navigator.
  6. Comparison of banking providers’ fraud controls

    Data Published: 09/03/2020 Last modified: 07/08/2020
    This page contains information about banks’ fraud controls. It is intended to enable consumers and consumer groups to compare how banks protect their customers against fraud, and to help consumers to make better informed choices about their
  7. Statement on FCA data breach

    Statements Published: 25/02/2020 Last modified: 26/02/2020
    The FCA was recently made aware that, in a response to a Freedom of Information Act request published on our website in November 2019, certain underlying confidential information may have been accessible.
  8. Outsourcing and operational resilience

    Firms Published: 09/01/2020 Last modified: 15/04/2020
    The FCA explains the implications for operational resilience for regulated firms using outsourcing and other third party service providers, and what it expects from them.
  9. AISP models under PSD2

    Tasks for regulated firms Published: 23/12/2019 Last modified: 21/01/2020
    Agency models under PSD2
  10. Open Finance: an opportunity for financial services

    Speeches Published: 18/11/2019 Last modified: 18/11/2019
    Speech by Sheldon Mills, Director of Competition at the FCA, delivered at The Investments and Savings Alliance​​​​​​​ (TISA) Open Finance Conference, London.