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  1. Fair and effective markets review

    Speeches Published: 14/07/2015 Last modified: 23/10/2015
    And where firms had failed, despite the lessons of LIBOR, to identify and manage the risks they faced. ... They fall into six categories:. Market structures presented opportunities for abuse – so, the design of benchmarks like LIBOR gave opportunities
  2. FCA business plan and risk outlook published

    Press Releases Published: 23/03/2013 Last modified: 01/05/2013
    The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has published the business plan and risk outlook for the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) for 2013/14. The FSA will be replaced by the FCA and the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) on 1 April 2013.
  3. Our investigations – the evolving approach

    Speeches Published: 15/06/2017 Last modified: 15/06/2017
    Speech by Jamie Symington, Director of Investigations at the FCA, at the Legal Week Banking Litigation and Regulation Forum.
  4. Our work on Defined Benefit Pension Transfers

    News stories Published: 03/10/2017 Last modified: 03/10/2017
    We are looking at Defined Benefit (DB) Pension Transfers to assess the advice consumers are receiving from firms and whether they are at risk of harm.
  5. Internal investigations by firms

    Speeches Published: 05/11/2015 Last modified: 05/11/2015
    Speech by Jamie Symington, Director in Enforcement (Wholesale, Unauthorised Business and Intelligence), FCA, delivered at the Pinsent Masons Regulatory Conference 2015 on 5 November 2015. This is the text of the speech as drafted, which may differ
  6. Review of annuity sales practices: TR16/7

    Thematic reviews Published: 14/10/2016 Last modified: 28/02/2017
    This review assessed how firms provided information to customers, on a non-advised basis, about shopping around for enhanced annuities. The report presents the results of our review into customer communications and the actions we intend to take.
  7. Market abuse in a time of coronavirus

    Speeches Published: 12/10/2020 Last modified: 12/10/2020
    Julia Hoggett speaking on market abuse at the Ciy & Financial Global event.
  8. FCA fines Bank of Scotland for failing to report suspicions of fraud at HBOS Reading

    Press Releases Published: 21/06/2019 Last modified: 21/06/2019
    The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has today fined Bank of Scotland (BOS) £45,500,000 for failures to disclose information about its suspicions that fraud may have occurred at the Reading-based Impaired Assets (IAR) team of Halifax Bank of
  9. FCA bans Jon Frensham from working in financial services

    Press Releases Published: 17/09/2021 Last modified: 17/09/2021
    The FCA has banned director Jon Frensham (formerly known as Jonathan James Hunt) from performing any regulated activity
  10. The FCA holds key conference on financial crime

    Press Releases Published: 01/07/2013 Last modified: 03/07/2013
    Review announced into how UK banks control money laundering, terrorist financing and sanctions risks in trade finance.