TR13/2 - Mobile phone insurance - ensuring a fair deal for consumers

We undertake thematic projects to assess current and future risks in relation to a particular issue or product. This may be across a number of firms, within a specific part of the sector, or at market level.

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This report summarises our key findings following our thematic review of the mobile phone insurance (MPI) market. When MPI is designed, sold and administered fairly it can be useful to consumers. However, we found a number of issues that created a gap between what consumers have been led to expect and what firms deliver.

Why are we publishing this report?

Mobile phones play an increasingly important role in consumers’ lives, with millions choosing to insure their devices. We are committed to ensuring consumers are getting a fair deal in this market and tackling the issues we have identified.

Thematic review

What are the next steps?

Following our dialogue with firms we are pleased that they have told us they want to deliver improvements for consumers in the MPI market. We expect firms to embed these changes as set out in the report.

We may carry out further work in this area in the future to ensure the issues identified continue to be addressed.

Where firms cannot prove that they are treating their customers fairly and adhering to our rules and principles for businesses, we will take regulatory action. This could include enforcement action.