FSA - PS13/3 Making temporary product intervention rules

Why are we issuing this Policy Statement (PS)?

In this paper, we outline the process that the FCA will use to make temporary product intervention rules (TPIRs).

Who is this PS aimed at?

This paper will interest all product provider and distributor firms regulated by the FCA, and industry associations. It will also interest consumers and consumer groups.

Other regulators and regulatory bodies considering similar issues may also be interested in this paper, particularly in the EU where future directives might include provision for product interventions.

Policy Statement

What are the next steps?

From 1 April 2013 the FCA may consider making temporary product intervention rules, using the process set out in the Statement of Policy (SoP) in this PS.

The FCA may make changes to the SoP as a result of any issues that come to light from using the process. Where the FCA makes significant revisions to the SoP, it will consult on these in the normal way.

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