FSA - PS12/16 Mortgage Market Review – feedback on FSA CP11/31 and final rules

This Policy Statement summarises the feedback to our consultation on our proposals for the mortgage market and sets out our final rules.

Why are we issuing this Policy Statement (PS)?

The aims of our Mortgage Market Review (MMR) are to have a sustainable market that works better for all participants. We proposed a package of reforms and asked for your feedback. We are now reporting on the results of that consultation and the decisions we have reached.

Who is this PS aimed at?

You should read this Policy Statement if you:

  • are a lender or other home finance provider
  • are a home finance administrator
  • are a firm that advises on or arranges mortgages or other home finance products
  • have a mortgage or other home finance product
  • are planning to take one out

If you are a body representing any of these firms or consumers – or an interest group representing those with protected characteristics – the paper will also be of interest.

Policy Statement

Data Pack

What are the next steps?

We are now planning to talk to firms to help them understand the MMR reforms, encourage them to carefully address any resulting systems changes and to keep them informed of the next steps in our implementation strategy.

We also intend to review the impact of our proposals not more than five years after implementation.

Want to find out more?

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