GC24/1: Proposed amendments to FG21/4 - Guidance for insolvency practitioners on how to approach regulated firms

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We are consulting on amendments to reflect legal, regulatory and economic changes and to improve clarity and provide further information on certain aspects of the guidance. 

Read GC24/1 (PDF) 

Why we are consulting 

In 2021, we published FG21/4: Guidance for insolvency practitioners on how to approach regulated firms.  

Since then, there have been changes in the legal framework affecting firm failure, changes in the regulatory framework and changes in the UK economic climate.  

Given this we believe that while the guidance remains relevant it would benefit from updating. We have also had feedback that, in some areas of the guidance, we could improve clarity or provide more information.   

Who this is for 

The proposed guidance is aimed at insolvency practitioners (IPs) appointed over firms solely authorised or registered by the FCA.  

It may also be relevant for IPs appointed over firms that are dual regulated by the FCA and PRA. 

Next steps 

Online response form

We welcome your views on this consultation by 30 April 2024. Please use the online response form or email your responses to [email protected].

We will review all responses and, subject to responses received, intend to publish the finalised amended guidance later this year.