Call for Input: Regulatory Barriers to Social Investments - response form

We are asking for comments on this Call for Inputs by 14 March 2016.

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Questions for social enterprises


Have you experienced any problems trying to establish a social enterprise or raise capital for a social enterprise? If yes, please provide details of the problems, identifying in particular those caused or exacerbated by regulation. Where a problem is caused by FCA rules or policies, please identify the rule and explain why.



How are you interested in raising capital? Who is your target client base for the products you will sell to raise capital?


Questions for financial advisers and other intermediaries, including crowdfunding platforms


Have you experienced problems in advising investors who wish to invest in social enterprises, or for whom investment in a social enterprise may be suitable? If so, please provide details of those problems.


Questions for consumers & consumer groups


Have you identified barriers to investment in the social sector for retail investors? If yes, please provide details of these barriers, in particular identifying those that may be caused by regulation.



What kind of rules do retail investors need to consider when making sound investments. Have you identified any consumer protection concerns in this area? Please explain these concerns and how they might be addressed.



Do you have any evidence (e.g. figures, case studies or other practical examples) of the appetite retail investors have for social investments and related products, particularly compared to donations?