Finalised Guidance: Mortgages and coronavirus: further updated tailored support guidance for firms

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Finalised guidance

This guidance provides support to mortgage customers facing payment difficulties due to circumstances related to coronavirus (Covid-19).

Read Finalised Guidance – Mortgages and coronavirus: updated Tailored Support Guidance PDF

Read FS21/6 about the finalised guidance and the statement of ongoing relevance of the Tailored Support Guidance

Why we’re issuing this guidance

Section 7 'Repossessions' of this guidance was updated on 25 March 2021 with effect from 29 March 2021 to set out our expectations in respect of repossessions from 1 April 2021.

The guidance confirms that, from 1 April 2021, subject to any relevant government rules which prevent enforced repossessions for public health reasons, firms taking steps to enforce repossession of properties should only do so as a last resort in accordance with our rules, our updated guidance and normal legal processes.

Who this applies to

This guidance is for:

  • firms dealing with mortgage customers experiencing payment difficulties due to coronavirus including those who cannot resume payments after taking payment deferrals under our Payment Deferral Guidance
  • firms considering or taking repossession action


This guidance originally came into force on 16 September 2020 and remains in force until varied or revoked.

This guidance is designed to enable firms to continue to deliver support to customers affected by the coronavirus pandemic. It is intended to support firms, to treat consumers affected by coronavirus fairly and to help consumers to bridge the crisis to get back to a more stable financial position. Section 7 (Repossessions) applies more widely to all customers.

Next steps

Firms should provide support to customers that reflects the uncertainties and challenges that many customers are and will be experiencing due to coronavirus.

We will keep this guidance under review and consider publishing further guidance or making rules if appropriate.