FS20/16: Coronavirus and customers in financial difficulty: feedback on draft additional guidance for insurance and premium finance firms

On 16 October 2020, we published proposals on how firms should continue to seek to help customers who hold insurance and premium finance products and may be in financial difficulty because of coronavirus (Covid-19), after 31 October 2020. This document summarises the feedback we received on our proposed measures and our response.

Read FS20/16 (PDF)

Our additional guidance follows the temporary measures that have been in place since May this year. We wanted to act quickly to protect consumers in these difficult times. The draft additional guidance was therefore subject to a short consultation period, which closed on 20 October. We received responses from interested stakeholders, including firms, trade bodies and consumer groups.

Stakeholders expressed support for our measures and we have therefore finalised our additional guidance, with some amendments which are outlined in the Feedback Statement.

Who this affects

The guidance affects a range of firms including:

  • insurers
  • insurance intermediaries (including appointed representatives)
  • premium finance lenders that provide credit to fund the payment of insurance premiums in instalments
  • premium finance brokers that carry on regulated activities relating to credit granted for the purposes of financing insurance premiums in instalments
  • debt collectors 
  • other firms that may be involved in insurance arrangements and/or in relation to the provision of premium finance

Next steps

The guidance comes into effect on 1 November and will remain in place until varied or revoked.

Although the August guidance expires on 31 October, for the avoidance of doubt, certain provisions of the August guidance remain in force beyond 31 October 2020. This is in respect of customers granted payment deferrals under that guidance which come to an end after 31 October 2020.