FS13/1: Transparency - Feedback on DP13/1

We are continuing our debate into how the FCA and the financial services industry can be more transparent. This document provides feedback on the responses we have received and how we will proceed with the ideas.

Why are we issuing this Feedback Statement (FS)?

In March 2013, we published our Transparency Discussion Paper, DP13/01. It set out our approach to transparency and proposed ideas on how we could be more transparent about our organisation and our regulatory activities, and about how firms could be more transparent about their products and their performance or behaviour.

This feedback statement:

  • summarises the feedback we received to the ideas in our Discussion Paper on transparency and sets out our response to that feedback
  • summarises new ideas proposed by respondents
  • sets out our timescales for carrying out more work/implementing the ideas

FS13/1: Transparency Feedback on DP13/1 [PDF]

FCA Transparency framework [PDF]

Who is this FS aimed at?

This document is for individuals and organisations who are interested in how transparency of the FCA – and transparency by financial services providers – can generate good outcomes for consumers, firms and the market. These include consumers, firms and trade associations.

What are the next steps?

Appendix 3 in the document sets out our timetable of further work including, where known, the timescale for implementing ideas.

Want to find out more?

For more information:

  • Read the Transparency Discussion Paper DP13/01