DP20/1: Transforming culture in financial services – driving purposeful cultures

This collection of essays from industry leaders, professional bodies and culture experts explores the role of purpose in driving a healthy, sustainable culture. 

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Putting a clear, meaningful, purpose, at the centre of a firm’s business model, strategy and culture is an important part of adopting a healthy culture. When aligned to positive outcomes for shareholders, employees and customers, purpose can benefit firms and play a fundamental role in reducing potential harm to consumers and markets.

We are not prescribing what firms’ purpose should be. This is for each firm to define. But, we do want firms to realise the benefits of a purposeful culture.

The essays do not represent the FCA’s views, but we want to share a range of insights and highlight the importance of this topic.  

Next steps

We are not requesting formal feedback. Our aim is to encourage discussion and start a much larger conversation. We will continue to explore the theme of purpose, using these perspectives as a starting point for future work.