DP18/8: Climate change and green finance

On 15 October 2018 we published a discussion paper on climate change and green finance. The FCA must consider all major risks that have an impact on the markets and institutions we regulate, including those posed by climate change. In this document we explain how climate change-related matters are relevant to our statutory objectives.

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Why we are publishing this Discussion Paper

Climate change is likely to have a significant impact on the UK’s economy and financial services markets. This will affect our work, as the FCA’s strategic objective is to ensure that financial markets work well. Our Mission explains that we aim to act where we add the most public value, and so we must take into account the ways markets are likely to develop and users’ changing needs. This awareness covers a wide range of relevant issues, including climate change.

We are publishing this Discussion Paper to set out our proposed approach, which we will keep under review. At this stage, we are seeking views on areas to develop further to ensure we continue to take decisions in the public interest and support innovation in the growing market for green finance.

Who this interim report is aimed at

We invite views from everyone with an interest in this issue. This includes:

  • consumer groups and individual consumers
  • charities
  • industry groups / trade bodies
  • regulated firms
  • policy-makers and regulatory bodies
  • industry experts and commentators
  • academics and think tanks
​​What you need to do

Please send us your comments by 31 January 2019.

You can respond in the following ways: