Regulatory Initiatives Grid dashboard – May 2022

You can view the Regulatory Initiatives Grid for May 2022 in multiple formats, including PDF, Excel and interactive dashboards. 

The interactive dashboards below allow users to filter initiatives included in the May 2022 Regulatory Initiatives Grid by:

  • sector
  • lead authority
  • expected impact on firms
  • those of interest to consumers and consumer organisations
  • whether consultations are currently planned for the initiative during the Grid planning horizon

We have introduced this feature in response to feedback to help users find the initiatives that are most relevant to them.

How to use the dashboards

There are 2 dashboards: Regulatory Initiatives Grid overview and Initiative details. The Regulatory Initiatives Grid overview gives users a graphical view of the May 2022 Grid initiatives, while the Initiative details view provides more information about each piece of work.

You can apply filters by clicking on the relevant section of the below diagrams, or by using the dropdown menus available at the top of the dashboard. When you want to remove the impact of filters applied, please click ‘Reset’ – located on the right-hand side of the grey Tableau bar at the bottom of the visualisation.

For an explanation of what each of these filters means in this context and how we have classified each initiative, please see the ‘Introduction: how to understand this document’ section of the PDF version of the Grid.

Download the Regulatory Initiatives Grid - May 2022 (PDF)

Download the underlying data for the Grid (XLSX)

Regulatory Initiatives Grid overview


View the Regulatory Initiatives Grid Overview dashboard on Tableau public

Initiative details


View the Initiative Details dashboard on Tableau public

Providing feedback

We introduced the interactive dashboard for the first time for the May 2021 Grid. We continue to welcome any feedback on how to improve this tool for future editions of the Grid. Feedback can be sent to the Forum Secretariat at [email protected].