Quarterly Consultation Paper No. 14: CP16/21

Once a quarter, we consult on proposed miscellaneous amendments to our Handbook. These tend to be minor changes but we still want to get your feedback on our proposals.

CP16/21: Quarterly Consultation Paper No. 14 (PDF)

What are we consulting on this quarter?

We are proposing to:

  • make changes to the APR assumptions for consumer credit agreements
  • update the equity release rules in MCOB to facilitate the availability of lifetime mortgages where the consumer can choose to switch to interest roll-up, and to make consequential changes to SUP for the reporting of Product Sales Data
  • make changes to Short Form A
  • make changes to IFPRU 11 to increase the clarity of requirements and ensure consistency with the Recovery and Resolution Directive
  • make changes to include deferred shares issued by mutual society insurers and friendly societies with the ‘mutual society shares’ definition

Who is this consultation aimed at?

This will be relevant if you or your firm has any interest in the subjects mentioned above.

Next steps

This consultation is now closed. We will publish feedback on responses in future editions of the Handbook Notice once we have reviewed your comments.

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