CP24/11: Quarterly Consultation Paper No. 44

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Once a quarter, we consult on proposed miscellaneous amendments to our Handbook. These tend to be minor changes but we still want to get your feedback on our proposals.

CP24/11: Quarterly Consultation Paper No. 44 (PDF)

What we are consulting on this quarter

  • Introduction of criminal background checks on owners and controllers at the Authorisation’s gateway. 
  • Changes to SUP 11.3.1BG and delete SUP Annex 6G following our recent consultation on proposed non-Handbook guidance for the prudential assessment of acquisitions and increases in control. 
  • Changes reflecting amendments that the Treasury made to the UK MiFID delegated regulation in the Handbook. 
  • Delete COLL 5.2.30R(1)(c) so that the provisions in COLL 5.2.29R apply at the sub-fund level of an umbrella Collective Investment Scheme (CIS) investing in units of other CIS. 
  • Clarification that the 25% limit set out in COLL 5.2.29R(3) must be applied at the level of the individual sub-funds of an umbrella CIS when its units are held by another CIS. 
  • Removal from the Handbook of certain EU withdrawal related provisions which have now expired and to rename certain terms. 
  • To make a consequential amendment to the UK version of Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2015/2 of 30 September 2014, the regulatory technical standards for the presentation of the information that credit rating agencies make available to the FCA. 
  • Remove references to long-term investment funds (LTIFs), the LTIF Regulation and EEA LTIFs from the Handbook following the government’s repeal of the LTIF Regulation on 1 January 2024.  
  • Modifications to the MiFIR technical standards. 

Who this applies to

This will be relevant if you or your firm has any interest in the subjects mentioned above. 

Next steps

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Comments should reach us by 12 August 2024.   

Further information

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