CP14/7: Consumer credit interim permission fees for local authorities

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We are consulting on amending our rules on fees for local authorities.

Why are we consulting on this?

We want to make a small amendment to our fees rules (FEES), to facilitate the charging of interim permission (IP) fees to local authorities under proposed Government legislation, extending the IP period for local authorities.

Who does this consultation affect?

This paper affects local authorities that undertook consumer credit business before 31 March 2014, and which wish to continue with this business but did not notify us before 1 April 2014.

Our proposals are not directly of interest to consumers, although indirectly our fees are met by consumers.

Consultation Paper CP14/7

What are the next steps?

Please consider our proposals and send us your comments via the online form by 12 June 2014. We will consider your comments and publish our feedback in a Handbook notice at the end of June. 

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