CP13/2: Mortgage Market Review - Data reporting

We are consulting on changing our rules on the data firms have to send us about mortgages.

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Why are we consulting on this?

We want to collect additional data about mortgages to monitor and supervise conduct in the mortgage market, given the changes in regulation coming into effect on 26 April 2014 as a result of our Mortgage Market Review (MMR). The MMR introduces a package of reforms to the mortgage market, including new rules on responsible lending and new prudential requirements for non-deposit taking mortgage lenders. So we are proposing rules on data collection that will help us to supervise these new requirements effectively and efficiently, and we want to hear what you think.

Who is this CP aimed at?

You should read this Consultation Paper if you are:

  • a mortgage lender or other home finance provider; or
  • a home finance administrator who collates or submits regulatory returns.

It may also be of interest if you are:

  • a firm that advises on or arranges mortgage or other home finance products; or
  • a body representing any of these firms.

These proposals may be of interest to consumers. While the proposals themselves do not directly affect consumers, they will result in us collecting and processing more personal data than we do currently.

Consultation paper

What are the next steps?

We want to know what you think of our proposals. Please send us your comments by 15 August 2013. Use the online response form or write to us at the address on page 2 of the paper.  

We will continue to engage with firms and other interested parties during the consultation period. We will consider your feedback, and we intend to publish our rules in a Policy Statement later this year.

Want to find out more?

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