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Publication of Call for Input: Accessing and using wholesale data
Call for Input closes

We are asking for your input as we explore the changing use and value of data in wholesale financial markets. Our Call for Input looks at the change this has brought – and will continue to bring – to wholesale markets, transforming business models, competitive dynamics, and even how financial markets function.

Timings for the Feedback Statement setting out our analysis, findings and any next steps will be updated on this page or see our page on coronavirus information for firms.  

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The CFI has two areas of focus.

We consider the use and supply of market data, with a particular focus on trading data, benchmarks and market data vendors. Firms use these data to trade, make investment decisions, to evaluate positions and to provide other products and services.

Given the importance of market data, we aim to understand whether users have concerns with the way these data are being sold.

We also invite comments about the access to and changing use of data and analytical techniques across all wholesale financial markets. This will help to understand where this is having – or may in the future have – an impact on wholesale markets.


We want to identify possible issues caused by the changing use and value of data, and decide whether we need to do further work to assess or address harm.

We also want to understand any benefits these changes may bring, to ensure that our regulation does not impede beneficial innovation.

Who this applies to

The CFI will be of interest to stakeholders across the wholesale sector, in particular:

  • suppliers of data, and related products and services within wholesale financial markets
  • buyers of data, and related products and services within wholesale financial markets
  • users of data, and related products and services within wholesale financial markets
  • any other stakeholders who interact with wholesale market participants, may indirectly be affected by topics covered in this review and/or may have views on how competition is working in wholesale financial markets 

Next steps

The call for input has now closed. Due to coronavirus we are no longer holding roundtables, but we are keen to engage with stakeholders. If you do want to discuss any issues related to the CFI, please send an email to [email protected] and we will arrange a meeting. If you have previously expressed an interest in roundtables or meetings, we will be in touch to offer a meeting. We intend to publish a feedback statement later in the year to set out our findings and any next steps. 

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24/02/2021: Information changed update to Next Steps.
01/09/2020: Information changed Closing date for responses extended to 7 January 2021