Payment protection insurance complaints deadline Final Report

Consultation: CP16/20
Policy Statement: PS17/3
New fee rule comes into effect
New DISP rules and guidance come into effect
PPI complaints deadline Progress Report
Deadline for consumer complaints
PPI complaints Deadline Final Report

This report reviews the impact of the 29 August 2019 deadline for new PPI complaints and the 2-year consumer communications campaign that preceded it. It closes our project work on the PPI issue and outlines how we will continue to ensure that firms complete their handling of the remaining PPI complaints fairly.

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In this report, we cover:

  • the results of our communications campaign and supervisory work
  • consumer actions and outcomes
  • how we are supervising firms after the deadline

We also issued a press release on 24 April 2020 which provides a high-level summary of the report.  

Next steps

Following this report, we will continue to publish monthly figures for PPI redress paid until all complaints have been dealt with.

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