Umuthi Healthcare Solutions

Umuthi Healthcare Solutions has withdrawn its reference to the Upper Tribunal.

Umuthi was challenging the FCA’s decision to discontinue the listing of its standard shares from the Official List.

The withdrawal means that our First Supervisory Notice remains in force, and the discontinuance of the listing of Umuthi’s shares remains in effect.

Notes to editors

  1. Statement: FCA publishes notice of decision to cancel Umuthi Healthcare Solutions’ shares.
  2. First Supervisory Notice: Umuthi Healthcare Solutions PLC (PDF).
  3. Read a copy of the Upper Tribunal’s judgment in respect of Umuthi’s interim applications.
  4. Statement: FCA cancels listing of Umuthi Healthcare Solutions PLC.
  5. The Official List is the definitive record of whether a company’s securities are officially listed in the UK. Find more information on the Official List.
  6. Under FSMA section 77(1) and section77(2A) the FCA may cancel a listing on its own initiative if it determines that there are special circumstances which preclude normal regular dealing in the shares.
  7. Listing Rule 5.2.2 gives non-exhaustive examples by way of guidance including that 'the issuer no longer satisfies its continuing obligations for listing' and 'the listing has been suspended for more than six months'.
  8. A decision to discontinue a listing does not require any finding that listing rules or principles have been breached.