Speedloan Finance Limited t/a Albemarle & Bond/Herbert Brown has ceased trading

The FCA has been informed that while Speedloan Finance Limited t/a Albemarle & Bond/ Herbert Brown has ceased trading it has not entered administration. 

The firm confirmed previously that it has closed its stores and transferred all existing accounts to its Pawnbroking Centre.

We have now been informed that as of 30 September the firm has sold its pawn agreements to Harvey & Thompson Limited (H&T) and will transfer the pledges to H&T stores by early next week. 

Speedloan Finance Limited will communicate to customers this week the address of the local H&T branch their pledge will be held at. H&T will also be communicating with customers and has agreed to freeze any interest/charges on agreements during this transition.

We are, and will remain, in frequent contact with both Speedloan Finance Limited and H&T about this matter, including about how they are ensuring customers can get their pledges back in good time upon repayment of the loan.

For further details please see the Speedloan Finance Limited website: https://www.albemarlebond.co.uk

If you have any queries regarding your loan or your pledge please contact H&T via the details below:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 0151 530 2430
Website: www.handt.co.uk

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01/10/2019: Information added Added information regarding Harvey & Thompson Limited.