Restrictions placed on Colbourne & Company

On 23 June 2022 the FCA imposed a number of restrictions on Colbourne & Company stopping it from carrying out any regulated activities due to concerns about the way it conducts its business.

We consider that Colbourne & Company, a small IFA, has for a number of years been carrying out regulated activities outside it’s Part4A Permission. During this time, it has taken unauthorised fees, believed to total over £250,000, from a number of its retail clients, some of whom are elderly and who may be vulnerable.

Colbourne & Company is a sole trader, and Mr Anthony James Colbourne SMF16 is the only person in the firm who was able to conduct regulated activity on the firm’s behalf.

Colbourne & Company has the right to make written or oral representations to the FCA on the First Supervisory Notice. They also have the right to make a reference to the Upper Tribunal.

Our restrictions will stop Colbourne & Company from carrying on any regulated activity and prevent it from reducing the value of its assets it holds, without the consent of the FCA.

A full description of the restrictions on the firm can be found on the FCA Register.