FCA welcomes industry report on fund tokenisation

We welcome the Technology Working Group’s report on fund tokenisation models. The report sets out how firms can develop such models within the existing legal and regulatory framework.

We do not believe there are any obvious or significant barriers in our rules for a ‘baseline approach’, and we have set out our view in a letter to firms.  

More information  

  • Read the full report.
  • Read our letter to firms.
  • The FCA and HM Treasury are observers on the industry-led Technology Working Group, which reports to the government’s Asset Management Taskforce.  
  • There is growing industry interest in fund tokenisation. However, commercial, legal, and technological challenges may inhibit its widespread use, both in the UK and globally.  
  • This view does not constitute formal guidance and firms should undertake their own due diligence and consider independent legal advice. 
  • For more information on the Working Group’s report and our regulatory approach, please see our fund tokenisation webpage.