Copia Wealth Management Limited is placed into liquidation

Mr Floyd Paterson, the sole director of Copia Wealth Management Limited, a firm authorised and regulated by the FCA, has appointed Alex Kachani of Crawfords Accountants in Manchester as liquidator.

Copia Wealth Management Limited is an Independent Financial Advisor and acted as ISA Manager.

If you believe you have a complaint or claim against Copia Wealth Management Limited, you may be able to register with the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).  

Take care if you are approached by a Claims Management Company, or by anyone claiming to be a representative or agent of Copia Wealth Management Limited, as they may take a substantial fee.

To contact the liquidator:

Being alert to scams

All customers should remain alert to the possibility of fraud. If you are cold-called by someone claiming to be from Copia Wealth Management Limited, Crawfords Accountants, or any other company claiming to be involved in or acting as a result of Copia’s liquidation, please end the call and call the liquidator back using the number above.

See more on how to protect yourself from the most common types of scams.

What should I do about my complaint?

The liquidator should write to you to confirm what you should do. If you have not received a communication from the liquidator, you should contact the liquidator using the contact details above.

Is there FSCS coverage?

Complaints can also be made directly to the FSCS. The FSCS protects consumers when financial services firms fail. It is the compensation scheme for customers of UK authorised financial services firms. Complaints can also be made directly to the FSCS.

Eligible clients will be able to bring claims against the FSCS up to the limit of £85,000.

You can obtain further information about the FSCS on its website

Do I need to use a third party to make a claim?

Some companies may approach customers of Copia, offering to help them bring claims against the company. Be cautious if you are approached by one of these companies. There is likely to be no benefit in involving a third party in making a claim. Any customer who believes they have a complaint against the firm should contact the FSCS in the first instance.

What if my client details have been passed to another FCA regulated firm? What if I have information or concerns about Copia?

If you have any information about the sale of client details to another firm, or if you have been contacted by another financial adviser firm, please call the FCA on 0800 111 6768, or 0300 500 8082 from the UK or +44 207 066 1000 from abroad.