Blackmore Bond PLC: correspondence regarding the acquisition of CGS Claims funding

We are aware of at least one Blackmore investor receiving a letter falsely claiming to be from Oak Fund Services (Guernsey) Limited (‘Oak’), stating that they have been successful in generating CGS Claims funding and asking consumers to contact them urgently.

The letter asks consumers to call the following telephone number: 0162 150 2781 and appears to also be using a false email address of [email protected]. It states that capital will be dispersed to consumers on a first come first serve basis.

Oak have confirmed that they did not write this letter and the contents are false and misleading. We are concerned that the letter is a scam.

We strongly advise any consumers who receive this letter not to call the telephone number given or to engage with the email address outlined above and to get in contact with Oak directly using the following correct details:

Telephone: +44 (0) 1481 723450


PO Box 282
Oak House
Hirzel Street
St Peter Port