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  1. FCA fines HSBC £6.2 million over treatment of customers in financial difficulty

    Press Releases Published: 23/05/2024 Last modified: 23/05/2024
    We have fined HSBC UK Bank plc for failures in its treatment of customers who were in arrears or experiencing financial difficulty. 
  2. FCA fines CGML £27,766,200 for failures in its trading systems and controls

    Press Releases Published: 22/05/2024 Last modified: 22/05/2024
    The FCA has fined Citigroup Global Markets Limited (CGML) £27,766,200.
  3. Guy Flintham sentenced to 6 years for fraud over unauthorised investment scheme

    Press Releases Published: 17/05/2024 Last modified: 17/05/2024
    Following a hearing at Southwark Crown Court, Guy Flintham, 46, was today sentenced to 6 years for fraud.
  4. 'Finfluencers’ charged for promoting unauthorised trading scheme

    Press Releases Published: 16/05/2024 Last modified: 16/05/2024
    We have charged nine individuals in relation to an unauthorised foreign exchange trading scheme promoted on social media.
  5. Three charged over CFD trading pension fraud

    Press Releases Published: 15/05/2024 Last modified: 15/05/2024
    The FCA has charged 3 individuals with fraud for their alleged involvement in a high-risk trading scheme, which targeted people’s pension savings.
  6. Stuart Bayes sentenced for insider dealing

    Press Releases Published: 10/05/2024 Last modified: 10/05/2024
    Following a sentencing hearing at Southwark Crown Court, Stuart Bayes, 58, was today sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment, suspended for 2 years, after being convicted of 2 counts of insider dealing.
  7. Taheer Sardar convicted for providing a forged document to FCA investigators in a £1.3m boiler room fraud investigation 

    Press Releases Published: 10/05/2024 Last modified: 10/05/2024
    Taheer Sardar has been sentenced at Southwark Crown Court for perverting the course of justice.
  8. FCA bans and fines James Lewis £120,300 for putting investors at risk

    Press Releases Published: 07/05/2024 Last modified: 07/05/2024
    James Lewis, the former CEO of Shard Capital Partners, has been fined £120,300 and banned by the FCA.
  9. FCA secures £533,000 to return to investors

    Press Releases Published: 23/04/2024 Last modified: 25/04/2024
    The FCA has recovered funds from an unauthorised deposit-taking scheme operated by Bright Managment Solution Limited [sic].
  10. FCA confirms anti-greenwashing guidance and proposes extending sustainability framework

    Press Releases Published: 23/04/2024 Last modified: 25/04/2024
    Ahead of the anti-greenwashing rule coming into force on 31 May, the FCA is supporting industry with guidance to help them meet the standard.