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  1. FCA seeks views on regulatory approach for overseas funds

    News stories Published: 04/12/2023 Last modified: 04/12/2023
    In preparation for the new Overseas Funds Regime (OFR), the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has set out its proposals for how the regime should operate.
  2. FCA sets out forbearance measures for investment company cost disclosure

    News stories Published: 30/11/2023 Last modified: 30/11/2023
    We set out temporary measures to give investment companies greater ability to explain their costs and charges to help consumers make better informed investment decisions. 
  3. Rational Foreign Exchange Limited enters special administration

    News stories Published: 30/11/2023 Last modified: 01/12/2023
    Ed Boyle and Kristina Kicks of Interpath Ltd have been appointed joint special administrators (JSAs).
  4. FCA publishes final report on IFPR implementation observations

    News stories Published: 27/11/2023 Last modified: 27/11/2023
    Final report on our multi-firm review into firms’ progress in implementing the ICARA process and reporting requirements under the IFPR.
  5. Unregulated Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) firms becoming authorised

    News stories Published: 23/11/2023 Last modified: 23/11/2023
    Prior to the UK leaving the EU, EEA-based firms were able to operate in the UK without our direct authorisation.
  6. Morses Club Limited and Shelby Finance Ltd (trading as Dot Dot Loans) enter administration

    News stories Published: 20/11/2023 Last modified: 20/11/2023
    Morses Club Limited and its wholly owned subsidiary Shelby Finance Ltd (trading as Dot Dot Loans) have entered administration.
  7. Review of our approach to secondary brokers

    News stories Published: 16/11/2023 Last modified: 16/11/2023
    We have recently reviewed our interpretation of the consumer credit legislation for Limited Permission secondary credit brokers.
  8. FCA places restrictions on KBFS Financial Limited

    News stories Published: 15/11/2023 Last modified: 15/11/2023
    We have imposed a number of restrictions on KBFS Financial Limited preventing it from carrying on any regulated activities and restricting access to its assets.
  9. Woodford Equity Income Fund redress

    News stories Published: 10/11/2023 Last modified: 08/03/2024
    This page provides updates on the Settlement Scheme (the Scheme) proposed by Link Fund Solutions Limited (LFS) in relation to the LF Equity Income Fund (WEIF or the Fund).
  10. Firms should strengthen anti-fraud systems and must treat victims of fraud better, review finds

    News stories Published: 07/11/2023 Last modified: 07/11/2023
    We are working with payment service providers to do more to protect consumers from fraud, including authorised push payment (APP) fraud