Further details of Independent Investigation into London Capital and Finance announced

Dame Elizabeth Gloster, has made a first announcement of how she will conduct the investigation into the relevant events relating to the regulation of London Capital & Finance plc.

Dame Elizabeth aims to engage with bondholders, professional organisations and other interested parties in an organised and structured way so that she can address the issues which are relevant to her investigation.  

Once she has her full independent support team in place, she and members of her team will be in touch with bondholders’ groups, bondholders and others to discuss the most useful ways in which her investigation can engage with them and take forward their offers of assistance and provision of information.

Individuals impacted by the failure of LC&F will also be able to send any relevant information via email.  The email address is IndependentInvestigation.LondonCapitalFina[email protected] and will only be accessed by Dame Elizabeth and her independent team.

Dame Elizabeth said:

‘Many people have been badly affected by the failure of London Capital & Finance. There is rightly a great deal of interest in what happened at LC&F and the role of the FCA.  I am keen to hear from as many of those affected as possible and am grateful for the information I have already received from bondholders and others. I would encourage anyone who wants to engage with the investigation to get in touch with me at the email address above.'

Details of the engagement programme and the best ways for bondholders and others to communicate with the investigation will be published on the FCA website, which will be updated regularly as the investigation continues.

Find out more information relating to the independent investigation, this will be updated regularly. The protocol for the conduct of the investigation has also been published today.

Notes to editors

  1. The Economic Secretary to the Treasury announced the investigation and the approval of Dame Elizabeth’s proposed appointment on 23 May 2019. While her appointment was being finalised, Dame Elizabeth signed an agreement, which enabled the FCA to share restricted information and thereby begin work/reading in. Her appointment was formally made on 10 July 2019.
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