SK8 Financial Services Limited (SK8) and Geoffrey Fincher

Customers of SK8 Financial Services Limited (SK8) should be aware that from 10 December 2013, SK8 is no longer permitted by the FCA to provide any regulated financial services in the UK.

The FCA has stopped SK8 from conducting regulated business due to concerns that former or current customers of SK8 or its director Geoffrey Fincher, who paid cash (or cheques) directly to Mr Fincher to be invested, may not have valid investments.

Customers can find a full explanation of the reasons for this action in the supervisory notice.

Customers are advised to check their investment documents, which should have been given to them by either SK8 or Geoffrey Fincher, or by the company at which their investments are held. If customers have concerns over any investments, or do not have any documents relating to specific investments, they are advised to contact the investment companies where they believe their investments are held.

If your investment company has no record of an investment in your name, you should contact Roger Hylton at the FCA on 020 7066 8168, or the Police at [email protected].

Customers may also wish to get help from another financial adviser or a solicitor.