Mortgage Market Review (MMR) Roadshow Webcast

Following our MMR roadshows earlier this year, we have developed a webcast of the material we presented at these events. We have also collated the Frequently Asked Questions we came across during the roadshows, and would encourage you to review these in case areas you require clarity on are covered here.

This webcast will be of interest to you if you are:

  • a lender or other home finance provider
  • a home finance administrator
  • a firm that advises on or arranges mortgages or other home finance products
  • a body that represents any of these firms

What does it cover?

This webcast covers all areas of the reforms relating to the wide range of firms we regulate, including:

  • the responsible lending rules which impact predominantly on lenders
  • the distribution and disclosure requirements which have an impact on both lenders and intermediaries
  • the niche markets
  • the prudential reforms for non–deposit taking lenders
  • some further information of what we expect from all firms
  • the MMR implementation timetable

Why you should listen to this webcast:

  • it is an opportunity for you to hear about the reforms directly from us so that there is consistent understanding across the industry; this is especially crucial for those who were unable to attend the roadshows
  • it is a useful refresher of the reforms even for those who did attend the roadshows
  • it can be used as a training tool for the rest of your staff