Financial regulators publish third edition of plan for upcoming work

The Financial Services Regulatory Initiatives Forum has today issued the third edition of the Regulatory Initiatives Grid.

This Grid publication marks the end of a successful one-year pilot exercise. We are pleased to confirm that the Forum will continue and that we plan to keep publishing the Grid twice a year.

Upcoming work in the latest iteration includes 8 new environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives, the Bank of England and FCA’s work to transform data collection, HM Treasury’s Future Regulatory Framework Review and the Pensions Regulator’s work to introduce a single code of practice to make their expectations simpler and easier to understand.

The Financial Reporting Council has also now joined the Forum and will be contributing towards the Grid for the first time.

The Forum is comprised of the Bank of England (including the Prudential Regulation Authority), Financial Conduct Authority, Payment Systems Regulator, Competition and Markets Authority, the Pensions Regulator, the Information Commissioner’s Office and the Financial Reporting Council, with HM Treasury attending as an observer member.

View the latest Regulatory Initiatives Grid