FCA website project enters its final phases

After a year of planning and extensive research with our users, we will be launching our redesigned website in June.

Although the new site won’t be totally complete, as the publications and news sections will follow in September, people visiting the site should have a much improved experience from the moment they enter to the moment they leave.

We have spent time testing and refining ideas and designs, with a wide cross section of website users, including firms and consumers.

The refreshed site will:

  • present information in a clearer and better structured way
  • make it easier to find, understand and complete regulatory tasks and information
  • work equally well on a desktop PC or a tablet/mobile
  • present our most popular pages in languages other than English

Firm types and search

We have created dedicated pages for all our existing types of firm. These will display sector-specific information such as news, publications and events.

A new site search was rolled out last August and is being further developed ahead of launching the new website. From June, users will be able to search by site section, date and document type.

News and publications

The section currently called Your FCA will move to the new site in September, and will be titled News and Publications. Users will then be able to:

  • filter for news on a particular topic or by sector
  • explore a new ‘Media Centre’ featuring a wide range of content, including video
  • view all the publications relating to a specific issue or project in one place


A comment which has come up frequently in feedback is that our information about UK and international financial markets is not easy to find. On the new site there will be a dedicated markets section with a link on the main menu, which will be organised into a more logical layout.

We hope that the refreshed site will be a big step forward in providing the right information to all our users in the most accessible way - if you have any comments, queries or suggestions please email us at [email protected].