Consumer warning on Larksway Investments Limited

The FCA has stopped Larksway Investments Limited (Larksway) from providing insurance brokerage services to customers. 

On 27 September the FCA stopped Larksway from acting as an insurance intermediary. This means Larksway cannot arrange insurance for customers and cannot provide insurance services to existing customers.

We took this action because Larksway failed to deal with us in an open and cooperative way about our concerns involving:

  • the way Larksway is, and has been, handling insurance premiums received from its customers
  • its ability to meet its liabilities (make payments) as they fall due
  • its ability to operate its banking arrangements adequately

You can find a full explanation of the reasons for this action in the supervisory notice.

What customers should do

We advise customers to check that any insurance policy arranged through Larksway is valid and that cover is in place. If you are unsure if you are insured under an insurance policy arranged through Larksway, you should contact the insurance company you think holds your insurance policy.

If the insurance company tells you that your insurance policy is not valid then you may want to get advice. To get information about who you can contact for advice, please contact the FCA’s Consumer Contact Centre on 0800 111 6768 or by using our webform.

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