Request sample transaction reporting data

To request sample transaction reporting data you will need to register for our approved user list.

To do this, a member of your compliance team should email the following details to [email protected]:

  • name(s) and email address(es) of the person(s) authorised to request the data
  • confirmation that the person(s) authorised to request the data is employed by the firm
  • firm reference number(s) that they are authorised to request for

If you want to check the integrity of your firm's transaction reporting data, you can request a sample through our online form.

Registration error messages

If you receive an ‘invalid BIC / unauthorised user / TRO’ message, check whether you are an authorised user. If you are not an authorised user, please follow the steps described above.

The Swift Bank Identification Code (BIC) requires 11 characters with no spaces. If the BIC is 8 characters, a valid branch code is required on the end with no spaces to make 11 characters.


Once you are an authorised user for data sample requests, your password will be included in the email you receive confirming registration.

No data/rejection emails

The system that sends the sample data is automated. If you have been waiting a while for the data without receiving any rejection emails, the sample data could have been quarantined by your email account and may be in your spam folder.

Maximum number of requests

You can request transaction reports for a month at a time. Only five requests can be made per day if you are requesting data by trade date and four requests can be made per day if you are requesting by submission date.